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Who Am I? A Follow Up on the Last Post

August 20, 2014

My girlfriend and I broke up! I was finally proactive and did what was right for me! Hell, for both of us. We broke up last week sometime and we just talked a bit on why it happened. She wanted some closure, I guess, and I figured I might as well.

But I’m single again!

Am I afraid of sinking back into where I was a few years ago? Yeah, but I have a new perspective on everything. Well, mostly everything. But here’s the one thing that I’m beginning to ponder on, in a good way of course.

Who am I? Who is Zachary “Zak” Salant?

Like, if someone asked me to describe myself, I couldn’t do it. I could list everything I’m interested in and the things I like doing, but could I described myself? Superficially, yeah. But could I go deeper? Not without difficulty.

Like, I know who I am. I’m Zak.

But to be honest, I feel like that’s the only way to describe me. I’m interested in so much, from the sciences to the arts to history to literature. But also in sports, current events, and so much more topics that everyone else is into too.

But the question I’ve been asking myself these past couple of hours: If someone asked you to describe yourself, how would you do it?

The answer: I don’t know; there’s too much to describe.

It’s a good philosophical question, I believe, that I am asking myself. One that will help me improve on myself in one way or another.

But yeah, that’s it. A positive post for once? And expect more posts in the upcoming future as long as my final 2 semesters don’t kick my ass!


But until then…


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