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Just a Filler…

April 25, 2013

I felt like writing tonight, but I don’t know about what. So I’m just going to start off with something random and hopefully it branches off into something…

I can’t find any music to listen to when I workout anymore… Like, I’ll just be going through a playlist I have of songs that I’d normally workout to, and nothing seems to work once I get to a certain part of my workout. Then I’ll go through my whole library, and nothing again.

I know that this is stupid to write about, but I got nothing else for you guys! I don’t know why my thoughts are running dry though. Nothing depressing or angering has come up really.

BUT the NFL Draft is tomorrow. So if any of you can’t stand football or don’t want to see me go on and on about football, here is where you leave.

Alright, where to start. How about with my team! The New England Patriots!

They pick at #29 in the first round, and boy, they COULD have a plethora of options if they decided to use the 29th pick. Why do I say if they decide? Well for one reason: the lack of draft picks. Bill Belichick (Head Coach/General Manager) only has five draft picks this season due to some trades from the previous seasons. And with no need to really go into those trades, most of them didn’t turn out well.

NE has a pick in round one, two, three, and two in the seventh round. Now knowing some tendencies of BB, I can say that he won’t be happy with just five picks in the draft. I think one scenario that could play out if that NE trades it’s first round pick for another second and third round pick.

And while that’s likely, I think there are too many quality players available at the end of the first round to pass up. One such player could be Desmond Trufant, CB out of Washington. The third Trufant brother to enter the NFL, and probably the best over time. says that, ” Legacy pick with NFL size and athleticism. Very good short-area foot quickness, mirrors receivers on the outside on double moves up the sideline or quick out routes. Capable of playing either outside or in the slot. Has speed to run with better receivers. Plays a lot of press-bail but has length and tenacity in coverage. Regularly rips off and out-quicks receiver blocks to get into position to make plays. Competes for the ball in the air and won’t back down from physical challenges from receivers.”

Now he has his weaknesses, don’t get me wrong. But once developed, he’ll be a great replacement if Aqib Talib leaves to get a better deal at the end of this NFL season.

Dammit, I just got bored talking about football… See, I am in some sort of funk!

Just to wrap up the football, they could take DE Datone Jones to line up across Chandler Jones. That would make a scary front seven, something NE hasn’t had in a while. Hell, since our Superbowl runs from 2001-2004.

Another CB could be Xavier Rhodes. I’d be amazingly surprised is he falls all the way to 29, but NFL mock draft expert Mike Mayock somehow sees it that way. An amazing corner, the best or second best in this class. I think the Dolphins take him at 12, but we’ll see.

And then there is a need at WR. A couple. players come to mind in the first round. Da’Rick Rodgers from Clemson and Terrence Williams from Baylor. Nice deep threat receivers that New England hasn’t had in a while.

And yeah, that’s all I feel like writing about football. I’ll definitely be talking about it more once the draft is over and all the picks have been made. So expect that Saturday night or sometime on Sunday… And yeah, I’m tired and really don’t feel like writing anymore. So again, Saturday or Sunday night…


But until then…

P.S. If I hadn’t said it before, I apologize for that randomness and the lack of quality of this post, readers. Just in some sort of weird funk…


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