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Defcon Four…

April 17, 2013

“Could his blogging be anymore sporadic?” Yeah, it could!

So today was a great day. I felt great coming out of my physics midterm. Which is a first, a very scary first. Not saying I did well, but I felt confident in what I did. Again, that’s a major first.

But that’s not why I’m writing. By this point you should know that I never blog to talk about the good stuff. It’s nothing horrible, thankfully. Everything has really settled back into place.But I had a small moment of panic after my first class.

I was hanging with some friends on the first floor of my school. Just to describe the scene, in the middle of the first floor there are a bunch of tables, and all of the classes are towards the ends of the first floor. Anyways, I was dropping my stuff up to go buy some fruit to eat, when across the room, there she was…

It’s the chick… And she’s talking to the friend the text was meant for… Sure, it was probably about the physics exam, but still. She was there, I was what was “here” at the time. PANIC or DEFCON 4, if you will. A friend of mine noticed I was a bit out of it at that moment. I didn’t really realize it until I left for the second floor to get some food.

Don’t know why I felt the immense panic, but I did. It was weird. And when I came back she was gone, thankfully. And yet, I had to text her an hour or so after to find out what was on the exam, but that was it. No real conversation afterwards. So I’m keeping my distance so I don’t get “used” again.

I put used in quotes before because it was hard to how I was being used by her. But I see it, or at least get it, for the most part.

But whatever. Great day, and I’l be doing nothing but watching TV and working out for the rest of the night. I got a post-lab write up to do, but i’ll do that when I’m home on Friday.

And of course, once I get the website for my band, you all will certainly know. Which I guess is me writing about something good, so disregard that statement mentioning me not doing so.


But until then…


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