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Today was the Tuesday

April 9, 2013

Yes, I know it’s Monday, but it went down today…

Her and I were texting back and forth during the day. I asked her if we were still good for Tuesday. She said she couldn’t because she had some proposal to work on due Friday. Right here is where I went into def con 3 mode. So, after talking to a friend or two, I ask what she was doing this weekend, and she said studying for physics. So then I asked (ripping the band aid off here) if she wanted to get coffee and study together on Saturday. This is where the debacle begins. But please follow the story, there are ups and downs here, and it doesn’t end bad, at least I think.

I get two texts meant for her friend. One saying, “FMLFMLFMLFMLFML” and a picture of the text I sent her… Right there is when I was thinkingfuck this, I’m out. So I’m on my way to this spot I have in the middle of the Hudson River when I get two texts saying Lmao and Sorry, that was meant for my friend. I sent, “it’s all good haha.”

Now I should note, I have this BS line I used when, after getting rejected, a girl asks if i’m alright. Only a few people know of this line, so when I use it and whoever doesn’t know believe, it’s a bit relieving that i’m lying to their face. But I didn’t get to use it, fortunately.

I then get four texts in a row saying something along the lines of Im, i was suppose to hang with my friend and i’m trying to get out of it and i just did so we’re good. Right there I was really, really confused. Like, what the hell just happened? Does she want to? Does she not want to?

So I asked, “Oh, ok. So are we good for Saturday?” And she said (and this is where a couple of my friends are feeling iffy on), “Yeah, i just gotta make sure its ok with the famss”

A massive sigh of relief I had. It lasted roughly the whole day until a friend of mine pointed out something. They use their parents as an excuse to get out of something… And here we are now!

I have no idea what to think. This whole day has just been weird. I’ve been in a good mood, sunk into a depression twice, and now I’m just back where I was this morning, cautious. I’m treading lightly around this whole situation, because my record seems to disagree with the positive thoughts I have…

But there you have it. What went down today… We talked for a while after that until my phone died, and we’re kind of talking right now. So assuming that she wanted to get out of hanging out with her friend and not bullshitting me, I think it’ll happen…

But until then…



After having some more time to think, and getting some mixed reactions from more people, I think I’m gonna be positive about this. It could happen. But it sucks because I’m back where I started: confused, cautious, and nervous… Anyways… go Michigan!


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