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April 2, 2013

So it’s been a while imaginary reader. I’ll start by saying that Perry and I resolved our issues. I shouldn’t have been so harsh, but Perry admits he shouldn’t have slacked as he did. I, obviously, didn’t leave the band. I guess we’re going to pick it up over the summer. And whatever happens, him and I are still best friends. 12 years this summer… damn. Time flies people, it flies high and fast.


The main reason I decided to write again is that I have a girl problem. Well, it’s probably not a problem, just an issue I’m having. I should probably start from the beginning. Aside from a comment made a few days prior to that Monday, it started in my last class toward the end of last semester. A friend of mine was having another break down, so I left the group I was hanging with to go console her along with another friend of hers. Assuming I’d be there for 5-10 minutes, I was gone for most of my free time. After doing what I could, I get to my class early. I should note, my band played a music festival in NYC the day prior, that part is important to the plot (HAH). A friend of mine is there as well as the girl… The beautiful, beautiful girl (I’m going to kill myself if anyone ever sees this… oh lord, help me).

So my friend and I begin talking about who knows what. Probably movies or something and he remembers that my band had a show the day before. He asks how that went and then behind me I hear something along the lines of, “Oh yeah, didn’t your band play a concert?” It was her, and the way to my heart is taking interest in my band. We talked for a few minutes, the most we had talked all semester.

I’m sorry, but NFL Total Access is on in the background and I just have to say, this Tony Romo extension is BULLSHIT. Roughly $108 million?!?! And how many playoff wins?!?!?! I would HATE to be a Cowboy fan right now!! Your stuck with him until 2016, maybe even longer!!!  Yeah, he might put up good numbers, but he doesn’t when it counts!!! And sure you could blame other parts of the team, but if a QB can’t lead, he’s gonna lose!!!! Redskins take NFC East after going 10-6, Giants go 9-7, Cowboys go (shocker) 8-8, and Eagles (rebuilding) go 7-9. They’ll be deadly in another year or so, but give Chip Kelly some time…

Anyways, we had talked a few other times in class after that. But that was about it for then. Eventually I worked up the courage to add her on facebook, where most of our conversations took place. And I’m gonna skip ahead to the end of last semester, where I probably made a DUMBASS mistake, and it’ll haunt me until next Tuesday.

It was after that class’s final, and I was out in the hall after I “finished” the exam talking with a few friends. She comes out and we all talk for a bit. She then slowly walks away, and I remember her looking at me thinking, “Well are you coming?!” And I didn’t even realize it… That moment replayed over and over again, being the dumbass I was. But here was my logic to calm myself: We would’ve walked together, talked a few more times, and then when she went away to South America for a whole month, no conversing. And I would’ve been right where I was at the beginning of this semester.

Skip ahead to now. We’ve gotten coffee once and we will again next Tuesday.  Our conversations have picked up more and more, but not a lot. Which is what worries me. I don’t know if she just doesn’t like texting, or talking to me. My relationship “guru” if you will, said that she’s into me. She purposely stayed after her classes were over to get coffee, still talks to me, and (insert whatever else she’s said here).

So here’s my plan. Next Tuesday when we go to get coffee, I’m going to ask her out to dinner. My guru friend says that there’s an 80% chance she says yes (what?!), I say it’s more 60/40. I hope she says yes. She’s beautiful, smart, beautiful, sweet, beautiful, and did I mention beautiful? And she could be into me!! I know, I don’t get it either!!!

And since I’m going to try to be positive all of April, I’m going to stay positive about this! However, if she says no (which is what a voice in my head is yelling), I can stop wasting my time and move on. Yeah, it’s gonna suck getting rejected for a “third” time, and yeah, I’ll probably spiral back into a dark place filled with either Nyquil or pot. But hey, I’ll get some good lyrics out of it. But again, I’m believing more and more that she’ll say yes. Like unless I’m getting lead on again, she’s gotta be into me.

And that’s all I feel like writing. I’m a bit sore from my workout, which had became daily before spring break, and that’s all I can clearly process right now. You’ll get another blog soon if she says no, and it’ll be a hell of a blog too. Maybe one soon if she says yes, we’ll see.


But until then…


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