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The Start?

January 21, 2013

I don’t know why I’m going to do this now, but when I get a lot of thoughts all tangled in my head, the best thing I can think of to do is to write. Will anyone even read this? Probably not, but that’s good because I can be real self-conscious about my writing.

First off, I created this account to comment against some Patriot haters. Yes, on this night, the Patriots lost against the Ravens in the AFC Championship game. Props to the Ravens for taking advantage of a shitty defense. Once #31 left and they put the horrible #24 in, the game was over. Everything got thrown into a funk and they couldn’t recover… But the Patriot haters, I cannot stand them. They only hate because of that “spygate” scandal years ago. THE TAPES WERE BURNED PEOPLE! GET OVER IT. Every team gets an edged somehow, no matter how many times you deny it. It’s not all goodie two-shoes in the NFL people. The Pats were just the ones who got caught. And the Kraft’s are a stand up family, so don’t even bother taking shots at them.

I could easily go on and on about football, but since nobody is going to read this, I want to go on about something personal, well a couple personal things, maybe. First off. I’m in a metal band, traditional type metal, called Arsenal. We’ve been around in this current form for about 3 years now. Wow… 3 years, time flies. The singer/lead guitarist, who I refer to as the frontman, has been my best friend since August of 2001. I love the kid to death (I say kid because I’m 2 years older than him, and the drummer. A year older than the “new guy
 [I say new because he’s been in the band two times before, but third time’s the charm!]), but I’ve finally called him on his bullshit. He’s grown musically, we all have. His tastes just don’t include metal anymore, neither do mine too. He started this new band who he dedicated to our late best friend and original drummer from 09-10. I’m not going to bash the band at all, but the frontman has been bullshitting with his priorities.

He said that he’ll keep Arsenal his top priority, being our late best friend’s band. But that was bullshit. The whole band’s goal while I was in NYC for college, coming back every other week or so, was to catch the “new guy” up with the handful of songs we had left. All the frontman had to do, being as “busy” as he was, was take 1 hour, at most, of 1 day, for 1 song, and teach it to him. The millions of time those 2 hung out, especially them being together in the new band, they should’ve been done since Halloween. And I called him on it last night, after I found out that on one of the last days I can do practice before I go back to NYC, and after only have 3 practices with me back since December, decides to have a practice with the new band. I called him out, and all he had to say was “Okay, whatever.” Love the kid, but as his bandmate, possibly his former bandmate soon, I said, “Fuck it, I’m done. You have to the end of March to teach him the rest of the songs, our I’m out.” He needs to stop wasting my time if he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Stop with the “It’s out of my hands” bullshit and do shit. I have guys lined up to market and book for us, but we can’t do shit until the new guy is caught up. I’m just the bassist, I tried teaching the new guy a song and it didn’t really come out well.

And it’s not that I don’t support him, it’s that he’s bullshitting me when he says Arsenal is still #1, or at least close to the top. And in the middle of this argument he says “rumor has it you are starting another project!” 1. Your informant sucks. 2. An old friend offered me to join his death metal band, I politely declined, and my roommate and I make a tech song every now and then. “Cool! And I would still support you!” It’s not a support issue! It is now, but before it wasn’t! It was a lack of dedication/your bullshit issue!


And that’s all I’m writing about. I got other issues I need to vent, but I have to get those thoughts together. A little preview, it’s about issues I’m having with a parent during their divorce, or post-divorce. Not too sure how far along they’re at.


But until then…


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